Blueberry BSP-3015D-DB50 | 5, 5 m, Crna Povećaj

Blueberry BSP-3015D-DB50 | 5, 5 m, Crna




  • Dužina kabla: 5 m
  • Broj strujnih utičnica: 5

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1 390 din.

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Protects your phone or computer, laptops, home entertainments, TV, CD/DVD players, Hi-Fi systems, microwaves, refrigerators and all other electric system from damaging power surges for up to five electronic devices.The "Protected" indicator light turns blue to let you know your equipment is secure, the "Grounded" indicator light turns red to warn you when L and N are inversed which can damage some electronic devices, while the both indicators light turns ON to warn you when your outlet is not properly grounded and surge protection is not active.


LED indikatoriDa
Boja proizvodaCrna
Dužina kabla5 m
Broj strujnih utičnica5
Nominalna izlazna struja10 A